Project Statement (2022)

I am

A book by American writer Richard Bach tells the story of a seagull,  where the art of flight is a metaphor for freedom and life itself. The book inspires the series of images entitled “I am”. I strip the image of the superfluous and leave only the subject, a seagull in flight.
My voice becomes that of the seagull.


I love to fly. Flying is my passion, my mission, my instinct.
I fly very high in the sky, as far as my wings will allow me,
as far as the light fades to give way to darkness.

I fly for the joy of flying, not to get from one place to another.
Flight is my idea of freedom without limits.
Alone or in a flock, my flight is that of the seagull.
I am beauty and lightness. I am alive, in flesh and bone and feathers.
I am the seagull.