Mitch Boffi is known for his conceptual photographs that explore themes related to architecture, nature and the abstract. 

For his work he draws inspiration from painting, film, music and books. His artistic influences includes the painters Hans Arp, August Herbin, Piet Mondrian, Theo Van Doesburg and the artist Sol Lewitt.  And the writer Richard Bach.

Traveler and self-taught photographer for over 40 years, living and working in Milan, Italy.
In the years 2019-2021 he devotes himself to the study of contemporary art. 

He attends an advanced Fine Art course,  evolves as an artist, and his photographic vision has a radical transformation. He abandons travel reportage photography and explores new visual media of contemporary Fine Art photography and in abstract photography. 

He develops the strategy of his work that becomes the result of continuous exploration and experimentation in transformed reality. 
The images he produces lose some or all of their original meaning. Viewpoints change, images take on new forms, new meanings, new keys to interpretation.

With the expression of his art, the artist’s goal is to create an invisible emotional bridge with viewers. To speak to their senses and stimulate the emotions of international art clients and collectors.

Photographic art

Fine Art photo academy (FAPA). Advanced course.


Refocus Awards One Shot Photo Contest (2022)
Chelsea International Photography (2022)
Commarts (2022) 
Tokyo International Foto Awards TIFA (2022)
Tokyo International Foto Awards TIFA (2021) 




I am an artist Fine Art photographer of architecture, nature and abstract images, living and working in Milan, Italy.
My work focuses on contemporary art and is expressed in the transformed reality of my photographs.
I take inspiration from everything around me, from nature, travel, music, books, and painting.
My artistic influences include a wide range of creative styles. From the abstract geometric forms of painter August Herbin, to the neoplastic movement of Theo Van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, to the conceptual art of Sol Lewitt.
In my work I try to give new form to my interests and passions.
I change the perception of reality, the original subject is no longer recognizable, it deconstructs and gives birth to something new and surprising. I like to associate with a single subject with a larger meaning, to be interpreted.
The ultimate goal of my art is to inspire an emotional reaction in the viewer.